Holiday Break

I try to do monthly posts (emphasis on try). I’m taking this month off to enjoy the holidays. You should too!


I thought this was funny. haha.


We did it!

Holy shit! The entrepreneurial journey is a crazy one. <insert generic platitude about ups and downs, yada, yada>. It’s now public that Follett Higher Education Group has acquired Valore Inc. Official presser here.

Lots to celebrate and reflect on, but damn it feels good to reach a milestone like this. So many people contributed to this, it’s impossible to list them all.

I can definitely vouch that this comic I saw a few years ago couldn’t be more true.

The team will be integrated into the B2B Wholesale division in the days and months ahead, but maintain our offices in Boston. We will continue to deliver on our existing marketplace strategy, but now we’ll have the benefits of the scale and distribution that Follett brings to the table.