Lots of content is out there about product management, but frankly, most of it sucks. I’m always reading tons of articles and different blogs about product management and I try to highlight the ones that don’t suck so you don’t waste your time. I hope my writing is not sucky, either.

Best of the Best

Open Product Management on Github – by Tron1991

PM Books

Inspired, by Marty Kagan – Awesome, practical tips and advice from the founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group.

Release It! Design and Deploy Production Ready Software, by Michael T. Nygard

The Design of Everyday Things, by Don Norman

PM Articles

Characteristics of a Good Product Manager by Rian van der Merwe

Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager by Ben Horowitz

Evolution of the Product Manager by Ellen Chisa

How to Hire a Product Manager by Ken Norton

The Venn Diagram of PM Skills by Jackie Bavaro

8 Steps to Building What Users Want by Craig Morrisson

PM Websites

Product Hunt


UX/UI Design Websites / Articles

Smashing Magazine

UserOnboard – Teardowns of user on-boarding experiences, with in-depth commentary

UX Exchange – StackExchange for User Experience issues

More to come!


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