Other Stuff

I said I like to pay it forward…here are some of the ways I try to do that. I highly recommend getting involved in any one of these organizations. You will not regret it. Contact me if you want an intro to any of these places.

Startup Advisor
Harvard Innovation Lab

I have recently become an advisor to students at the Harvard i-lab.  Lots of amazing things are coming out of that place and it is incredibly energizing to be a part of it.

Startup Institute Boston

Originally, I gave a presentation on “WTF is BD,” but that evolved into my most recent class, “WTF is Product Management.”  As you can tell, I generally focus my teaching on helping people figure out WTF is going on in startups.  The real story, not the ample BS you see flowing around the internet.


BUILD Boston

I mentor a team of BUILD students.  This responsibility ranges from business advising, business plan development, product development and advising on a wide range of other startup-related problems that the founding team may face.

Big Brother Mass Bay

This program has been around for a long time. I’ve only done it for two years. I can’t recommend it enough.