My team and I are always working to improve our set of products, but I’m particularly proud of a couple of our most recent projects, including:

B2B Inventory Acquisition Platform: Used textbooks are hard to come by. Bookstores, online sellers, and wholesalers are constantly looking to source inventory for their next selling season. ValoreBooks Source is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the inventory acquisition process, allowing bookstores and other buyers to acquire more inventory, at the best prices, from a wide variety of channels, including directly from students from around the country.


B2B Inventory Liquidation Tool: Launched a cutting-edge B2B tool that enables anyone with significant textbook inventory to receive real-time bids for their inventory and secure an order within seconds of accepting the most desirable quotes provided.


Mobile Re-commerce Experience: Re-commerce is when a consumer has a good and gets a real-time quote from our site. In working with our engineering, UX and design teams, we re-vamped the entire process and made it mobile friendly. Updates contributed to a 200% growth rate in the re-commerce program (textbooks and electronics).

Intuitive cart with clear messaging and call-to-action.


Simple check-out process


Order confirmationwww_valorebooks_com_SellBack_ShipToUs_AddAddress_Checkout_SetContactInfo_do


Mobile Checkout Redesign: Worked with design, UX and engineering to re-vamp our re-commerce user flow.  Updates contributed to improvements to the mobile conversion rate or our e-commerce programs. Included a mobile optimized experience, the first time that has occurred on ValoreBooks.

Desktop Mobile
ValoreBooks_com___Add_Payment_Info ValoreBooks_com___Add_Payment_Info

Establishing Third Party Processing Facility (3PL Implementation): Over the course of three months, implemented a complete operational overhaul of our business to enable a more customer-friendly experience.  Since launch, over 1mm units have been processed at the facility.