The startup journey is never quite what you expect. I didn’t get into the game expecting to be a product guy, but my love for great products and my passion for understanding and solving complex customer problems led me here.  I now lead the product team at Valore.  We are a Boston-based e-commerce marketplace that is taking aim at the archaic textbook industry.  Everyone has a story about how much it sucks to buy textbooks and how little you get back for it at the end of your class. We are trying to change all of that. Stay tuned.

Before coming to Valore (formerly known as SimpleTuition – the pre-cursor to Valore), I got my MBA at Harvard, did content acquisition for Hulu, developed a small business training program in Central America for TechnoServe, and spent the first four years of my career doing strategy and operational consulting to big tech/telco firms at Deloitte Consulting.

I believe in giving back to the community and/or paying it forward.  Plus, we can never have too many smart, collaborative, and ambitious people on our team.  So, reach out and connect.  You never know what might happen.

Find me here, here, and here.  Or you can probably just google it.